Pay it forward

Responding to COVID-19 with optimism

Pro bono support and advice with user research, design and strategy for organisations working towards creating positive social impact.

If you’re struggling to understand people’s needs and translate them into strong product, design and strategy decisions for your organisation, I’d like to help.
Office hours
Get quick feedback on your current approaches and ideas.
Help going digital
Guidance on tools and methods to do reserach and design remotely during this lockdown.

Ongoing support
Diagnosing your challenges together and identifying actions. We evaluate and adjust as you implement them.

Short projects
We leverage the network of designers and researchers who also want to pay it forward in a focussed project.
About me
My name is Shruti Ramiah. I’m a design researcher and interaction designer with over 10 years of experience. I currently lead User Research at N26 and am based in Berlin.

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Who is it for?
I aim to support organistions whose social impact mission I feel a personal passion and conviction for, and where I’m confident I can make a meaningful contribution.

You could be a start up, for profit or non-profit, a social impact organisation or just a collective of like-minded folks. 

You do not need to be directly focussed on the COVID-19 situation.

How does it work?
To get started, please share a little information about your organisation through this form. I’ll follow up with a quick call for us to get introduced and explore how I might support you.

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Why am I doing this?
Work hour reductions due to COVID-19 mean that I am now working 4 days a week, but thanks to the government support schemes, the financial impact has been largely mitigated. I feel grateful and privileged for this security and I’d like to pay it forward.

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